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Natalie Binder - Founder of CampV

At the western foot of the Rocky Mountains by the San Miguel River lies the quaint town of Naturita, Colorado. This rural town draws on the beauty of its nature to spark the creativity of its people and visitors. This oasis inspired the idea behind CampV, a cleverly repurposed former mining town, home to various dwellings, artworks, and events.  

CampV’s 120-plus acres serve as a space to inspire individuals, spark creativity, and build a larger community in rural Colorado. Created by Natalie Binder, CampV is one of the many ways entrepreneurs are using tourism to grow their rural communities and economies.  

In just two weeks, Natalie is bringing her experience with CampV and years of entrepreneurial knowledge to the Shore Up Finale of Demystifying Entrepreneurship: Rural Colorado Workshop series in Telluride, Colorado. 

About CampV 

Art sculptures at CampVNatalie understands the ups and downs of building a venture. In the early days of CampV, Natalie's family and friends did not understand her vision, and believed it was a crazy idea. Fortunately, her perseverance and dedication paid off to create the unique space known as CampV.  

CampV is a sought-after tourist destination that provides visitors with glamorous camping options, including luxury cabins, futuristic Jupes, stylish tents, and cozy airstreams. It also has decorated campsites available for individuals who prefer to bring their RV or trailer. CampV also offers premium packages for guests to enjoy, some of which include breakfast in bed and group dinners. 

Guests can explore creative artworks and sculptures, hike through the surrounding areas, and take day trips to Telluride and Moab. All art installations at CampV are curated through WEarts, a non profit organization created by Natalie to support local artists. 

Upcoming Projects & Events

Recently, Camp V received funding from both Four Points Funding and Colorado Creative Industries to create a new mixed-use space. 

At the end of each summer, CampV hosts PlanetV, a five-day festival that brings together art, music, nature, and community. Dates for the 2023 PlantV festival have not yet been announced. Be sure to follow along with CampV on Instagram and Facebook for updates! 

On September 30th and October 1st in Telluride, Natalie will bring her entrepreneurial expertise to the Shore Up Finale. There she will serve on the entrepreneur panel and offer advice to help entrepreneurs in rural communities succeed.  

About Shore Up Finale 

Rural Colorado Workshop Series Cohort in Vail, ColoradoPresented by the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship in the Leeds School of Business University of Colorado Boulder, Shore Up FInale is the fifth and final workshop in the multi-year series that focuses on building, growing, and sustaining successful small businesses in Southwest Colorado. Taught by, entrepreneurs and award-winning professors at the Leeds School of Business, Erick Mueller and Brad Werner, this interactive certificate course will focus on the core elements of what every venture needs to succeed.  

During the workshop, you will learn to create an amazing culture, grow marketing impact, and develop or refine a compelling pitch. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, Workshop series cohortsmall business owner, or a local leader interested in supporting Entrepreneurial growth, register now for the Shore Up Finale

In 2020, Natalie attended Telluride's workshop series remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She is excited to serve on the panel and help aspiring entrepreneurs who are attending the upcoming Shore Up Finale. Natalie believes her experiences with CampV can teach others who are beginning to build a company of their own.  

Advice from the Panelist 

As Natalie continues to take on new projects and grow CampV, she enjoys sharing her experience with other entrepreneurs, in hopes she can assist them in navigating the journey ahead. For aspiring entrepreneurs, Natalie offers this advice, 

“Follow your intuition with a healthy dose of being rooted in your idea.” 


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