The Impact Catalyst Student Manual was created in cooperation with B Lab to assist universities and student teams in the applied consulting of socially-minded companies with a desire to more accurately understand and measure their impact. The manual was produced by CESR and the University of Colorado Boulder, with the intention of creating a comprehensive tool for wide use by student teams everywhere.

The origins of the manual came from early work done by nonprofit organization CORE Colorado and Shay Dicoco, Leeds MBA 2012. Since that version, additional frameworks, methods, and resources have been added to aid teams in easily completing a B Impact Assessment of their own. The aggregation of over five years of the Impact Catalyst Program at the University of Colorado coupled with the growing pool of resources from Net Impact and Ryan Honeyman Consulting has allowed for this version of the manual to be the most comprehensive yet. 

Download It

Please feel free to download and distribute, with respect to crediting the University of Colorado for its ownership and creation. If you have any questions about the Impact Catalyst Program at the University of Colorado, please contact CESR.