Published: July 10, 2017

This summer the Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility (CESR) bids a fond farewell to retiring board members Terri Bourne and Geoie Writer.

Terri Bourne, Risk and Assurance Manager at Shell Ethics & Compliance Office,
Royal Dutch Shell PLC

Terri Bourne, CESRFor two of her three years of membership, Terri Bourne chaired the CESR Advisory Board, contributing greatly to CESR’s initiatives.

As risk and assurance manager at Royal Dutch Shell PLC, Terri supports Shell’s Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer in overseeing the design and implementation of a global ethics and compliance program based on Shell’s core values and business principles. Given her expertise, she sat on a panel of CSR professionals leading a sustainability case exercise at CESR’s 4th annual Conscious Capitalism Conference in 2013.

In 2015 Terri moderated a discussion on the education of ethics in the classroom and workplace at CESR’s Partners in Business Ethics Conference, where deans and program directors from the world’s leading business schools joined corporate executives to discuss curriculum development and delivery in academic and workplace settings. In addition to her role on the panel, Terri and the chief ethics and compliance officer of Royal Dutch Shell facilitated a special case workshop of an ethical dilemma encountered in their work at Shell. 

Since 1995 Terri has been directly involved in designing, operating and reviewing the effectiveness of processes that enable Shell to comply with US, UK and Dutch corporate governance requirements, in particular activities that relate to risk management and internal control, audit committees, disclosure, ethics & compliance and assurance. 

George Writer, Founder of Writer Homes

Geoie Writer, CESRGeorge (“Geoie”) Writer served on CESR’s board from 2010 through 2017, in addition to the Leeds advisory board 1981 - 1983.

Although Geoie was originally involved with Leeds’ real estate program, he changed orientation given his commitment to student education in the areas of ethics, social responsibility and sustainability.

Mark Meaney, executive director of CESR, said, “He provided critical guidance and oversight in the development and evolution of CESR. So, while he was extremely generous in his financial support of CESR, his leadership proved essential to the long-term success of CESR. His legacy is rooted in the very spirit of CESR.”

CESR, in fact, is housed in the George and Judy Writer Suite at the Leeds School.

This year, Geoie was recognized with the George Norlin Award for outstanding alumni who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their chosen field of endeavor and a devotion to the betterment of society and their community. In 2016 Geoie received the Leeds Distinguished Alumni and Service Award that honors alumni and friends who have distinguished themselves with outstanding professional and personal achievements and those who have loyally dedicated their time and service to the business school. 

After graduating from the University of Colorado in 1957 and serving as an officer in the US Navy, Geoie founded the Writer Corporation in 1965. As a residential community builder, he built over 12,000 homes in 35 planned communities, including Colorado’s first Planned Unit Development (PUD) as well as America’s first PUD to be underwritten by both the FHA and VA.

Geoie’s convictions about business ethics and social responsibility were drivers in his own business.

“Ethics and values must be the cornerstone of any business. Any business that doesn’t adhere to the basic rules of integrity and fair dealing will eventually fail. We read examples of this in the news daily.” Geoie Writer

Writer Corporation

The success of the Writer Corporation was based on the philosophy of developing communities that integrated parks and open space with diverse housing types. He also built Writer Square, a downtown Denver mixed use development. The Colorado Design Council named Writer Square the top architectural and functional urban development for the decade of the eighties. In 2006 Writer Square received the AIA 25 Year Award for Architectural Design of Enduring Significance.

Community Participation

Geoie stays active on numerous boards including homebuilder boards, the Urban Land Institute, First National Bank Corporation, Task Force chairman of the Colorado Front Range Project and co-founder of Colorado Open Lands. Additionally, he served on the boards and executive committees of Swedish Medical Center and Health One.

Upon his retirement and move to Santa Barbara he now serves on the board and was past president of the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, a trustee of the Colorado Conservation Trust, and a member of California Concern, a Santa Barbara think tank.

CESR is grateful for the contributions and dedication of these two distinguished board members.


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