Published: April 17, 2017
Liz Stapp, Center for Education on Social Responsibility

The Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR) is proud to announce that CESR instructor Liz Stapp has been named one of three finalists for the 2017 Joseph L. Frascona Teaching Excellence Award. The award winner will be announced at the Leeds Recognition Ceremony at the Coors Event Center May 12, 2017. (Daniel Brown and Curtis Sears are the other two finalists.)

After teaching at Daniels College of Business for four years, Liz joined CESR in 2011. With a J.D. from the Boston University School of Law and seven years of collective experience with federal law, intellectual property, electronic commerce law and contract law, Liz applies her legal expertise to CESR’s Business Law, Ethics and Social Responsibility class. Liz also developed and teaches Corporate Boards in Action, a one-of-a-kind course which explores the complexity of corporate boards and the need for values-driven leadership (watch a preview).

Just last week, Liz was awarded the Marinus Smith Award for the second time, by the CU Parents Association recognizing her positive impact on a student’s life. She first received the award in 2014.

The Award

The Frascona Selection Committee read 229 nomination letters for 67 Leeds teachers. Erick Mueller, winner of the 2016 award and chair of this year’s selection committee, remarked,

“It was inspiring! The evidence is clear that we have a large number of passionate, dedicated and highly capable teachers who are providing exceptional learning opportunities for our students.” 

The $10,000 award is made possible by the Falkenberg family, in honor of the late Dr. Joseph L. Frascona. Leeds faculty members are eligible when they are in their second year (or beyond) of full-time teaching. In addition, a recipient of the award cannot receive it again for three years. 

Past CESR Nominees and Winners

This isn’t the first time a CESR instructor has been recognized.

Last year Owen Borum, former CESR instructor of Business Law, Ethics and Social Responsibility, The World of Business, and Business Applications of Social Responsibility, placed as a finalist for the third year in a row after having been previously nominated five times.  

Another popular CESR instructor, Catherine Milburn has been nominated multiple times, including this year again. She teaches Integrated Reporting for Socially Responsible Strategies, The World of Business, and the popular Global Seminar: Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Panama (see video).

Also nominated again this year is Don Oest, who has been nominated for the award seven times (last year was the first time he was eligible to be nominated). He teaches The World of Business and the BASE program, a four-module course on how firms operate at various stages of their life cycle.

CESR award winners in the past have included Kevin McMahon in 2015, Donna Sockell in 2009, former CESR board member Cathleen Burns in 2006, and CESR Faculty Affiliate Kai Larsen in 2005.

Additional CESR instructors nominated

Rick Reed, a CESR instructor for the last two years, was nominated for the first time this year.

Although most of CESR’s faculty are nominated each year, not all are eligible for consideration due to varying appointments. CESR instructors nominated but not eligible this year include Birdie Reznicek, Lorna Christoff, Mark Meaney, Nancy Chapple and Scott Gwozdz.


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