Published: June 22, 2016

Twin sisters and social entrepreneurs Miki and Radha Agrawal are Millennials, a generation characterized by the sisters as idealistic, searching, spiritual and progressive, with a meaningful approach to business as a force for community. They were recently profiled in Conscious Company Magazine

“…The future of entrepreneurship is social entrepreneurship. I think all businesses will have to be conscious business…business will elevate humanity,” asserts Miki.

In their interview with Conscious Company, Miki and Radha give tips to fellow young businessmen and women, emphasizing the importance of narrowing in on a passion and seeing it through.

Radha Agarwal, Conscious Company MagazineThe Nature of Millennials
Radha Agrawal describes Millennials as idealists. “Because information is at our fingertips, because we have the opportunity to start a business just by clicking a button on our computer, because we can design our own brand in Photoshop — because all sorts of tools are available to design things, to advertise, to buy ads on Facebook, to share with our friends — the barriers to entry to build a business are lower than ever. Because the possibilities are endless, Millennials are very idealistic.”

“Why Millennials May Just Be the Best Entrepreneurial Generation Ever,” a recent article in Entrepreneur magazine, characterized the Millennial generation this way:

“Everything is about today. The moment. The instant. The Millennials are an on-demand instant-gratification generation that has become emboldened by technology and molded by world events...They inherited a flawed world and have a zeal to repair it that’s unique to their generation. It’s as if the generation has been hardwired to believe in the fierce urgency of now.”

Innovative Business Ventures
Miki Agarwal, Conscious Company MagazineAs a gluten free eater, Miki was in need of a pizza restaurant that served her dietary needs. The search proved unsuccessful and sparked her and her sister’s interest into the world of business. Shortly after, the twins opened their very own gluten-free, farm-to-table pizza restaurant.

Miki and Radha’s business ventures don’t end there. They also have started a socially responsible undergarment line, Thinx, and an urban morning dance experience, Daybreaker. The duo always had the goal of making a difference in the world. They noticed problems within society, found an issue they were passionate about and tackled it head on.

They have strong hope for a future that entails a focus on conscious capitalism, along with developing stronger diversity and equality within the workplace. Radha notes that she has already begun to see more equality and respect through her business interactions. Three years ago the young entrepreneur says she would enter a meeting and essentially be talked over and around. Today she feels engaged and treated as an equal.