Published: June 22, 2016

By Alexa Levine, CESR Fellows Correspondent and Content Producer, Leeds 2019

By the end of spring semester, 68 students had enrolled in CESR Fellows, a group sponsored by the Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR), for those with a passion for values-driven business and making a positive social and environmental impact. These group members are committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainability and have actively participated in the CESR community.

A strong start
After an inaugural year of developing the structure for the group, the CESR Fellows will begin the upcoming fall 2016 semester with eight new student-elected executive board members and a heavy schedule of programming including speakers, activities, networking and social events. The group’s vision is to “build a fellowship within Leeds that promotes the process of self-exploration by coming into contact with our own value commitments and testing them to prepare us for challenging business careers.”

Passionate leadership

Angelina CarranzaAngelina Carranza: Junior, President

Angelina wants to make a lasting contribution to Leeds by embodying the values of CESR and emboldened by her desire to start something new and watch it grow. As a rising sophomore, she accomplished more than the average freshman. She promoted recycling as her resident hall's "eco rep," then, looking for a new challenge, and decided to lead CESR Fellows. She is also a program Leader for the Leeds RAP, a Leeds Ambassador and participates in the mentoring program. She hopes to also join the new Net Impact chapter and the Diverse Scholars Program.

Alice HauglandAlice Haugland: Sophomore, Executive Vice President

"I've always been interested in having a career with an impact, and CESR Fellows presented itself as the perfect way to get involved, even as a first year student. The emphasis on social responsibility was one of the reasons I decided to study business at Leeds, and I wanted to help mold an organization that can attract other like-minded students."

Alice is also a CU Student Ambassador, giving tours to prospective students and their families, and is involved with the Leeds Honors Program.

Sierra Stein

Sierra Stein: Sophomore, Committees and Net Impact Liaison

"During my freshman year I was inspired by the CESR department and the wonderful work they were doing inside of the business community, so I decided to join CESR Fellows. After enjoying every aspect of the program I knew that I wanted to increase my impact within Leeds by elevating the work I was doing for the Fellows. I'm excited to be on the board and am looking forward to incorporating ethics and sustainability, topics I'm passionate about, into engaging events for students to be a part of!"

Sarah ReiceSarah Reice: Junior, Recruitment and Events

“With knowledge gained through my education and experience, I learned quickly about the importance of aligning business with social goals. This understanding has guided my career interests, which include risk management and business ethics. By being a part of CESR Fellows I can educate my peers on the critical role CESR plays in business, and engage them in the field that I feel so passionately about. CESR Fellows allows us to receive additional knowledge, exposure, and opportunity that is vital for our futures in the business world.”

Mallory Scott

Mallory Scott: Junior, Programming

“I wanted to join the CESR Fellows Board to show Leeds and the CU campus what it means to be a part of CESR and to act as an ambassador for the program. I wanted to display to my peers how CESR Fellows is a group of students who want to do more with their career than just earn a profit or make the next promotion; they want to make a difference through their work and our group can help them define that passion.”

Cullen AulwurmCullen Aulwurm: Junior, Professional Development

Cullen Aulwurm is a rising junior and is majoring in Operations and Information Management with an Environmental Studies double major. He is involved in the Leeds Scholars and Honors programs. Since high school, Cullen has had a passion for business operations and solutions, with the hopes of using business as an effective tool to make a difference in the world around him. Outside of academics, he has traveled to New Orleans to help with the rebuilding of the Lower Ninth Ward, has travelled on the Argentina FGX trip and South East Asia Deans trip, and is helping to plan a mud volleyball tournament with the March of Dimes non-profit organization. Cullen loves going on backpacking trips and hikes, reading comic books, and relaxing with friends and family.

Fiona Murphy

Fiona Murphy: Junior, Net Impact President

“I was interested in joining Net Impact as soon as I heard about it in a Leeds Council meeting. I was captivated by the idea of bringing student together to find ways to solve current environmental issues. I was also hooked the moment I heard that Net Impact is a nationwide organization, which to me meant that students and professionals everywhere were also motivated to encourage organizations to conduct their businesses in environmentally and socially beneficially ways. I am passionate about the outdoors and nature and ensuring that future generations will be able to benefit from all the resources we have today. I strongly believe in doing everything we can to make the world a better place and know that with Net Impact, we will be able to make a lasting difference! I am super excited for the upcoming year and all that it will bring!”

Grant Lurie: Sophomore, Membership and Communication (Not Pictured)

About CESR Fellows
The program is open to all Leeds students working toward the Socially Responsible Enterprise (SRE) Certificate. Many of these students are also a part of the new Net Impact Undergraduate Chapter, which works closely with CESR Fellows to promote sustainability. Throughout the year, the Fellows participate in several distinguished events including CESR’s Conscious Capitalism Conference, the Net Impact Case Competition and the CESR Business Ethics Case Competition.

Interested in joining CESR Fellows? Click here for more information.