Published: Feb. 18, 2019

Have an interview or presentation coming up? Check out Ralphie’s Closet in KOBL 131 to find a professional outfit that will help you look your best.

Created through partnership between CESR Fellows and Leeds Career Development, Ralphie’s Closet is a business clothing swap by Leeds students for Leeds students. Ralphie’s Closet was introduced in August 2018 with the goal of providing access to professional attire for all students while promoting sustainable fashion.

CESR BlogWhat is Ralphie’s Closet About?

In the business school, professional clothing is a must for career fairs, interviews, professional events, internships, meetings for organizations, and presentations. However, business clothing can be very costly. As a college student, it can be difficult to justify spending $50 on a piece of clothing that is worn only a few times a semester. In the fashion industry, there are considerable sustainability concerns as well; the clothing and textile industry is one of the highest polluting industries globally, emitting approximately 1.7 billion tonnes of CO2 annually and contributing to global warming.

Realizing these challenges, CESR Fellows and Leeds Career Development have worked in collaboration to provide students with the opportunity to freely and sustainably obtain necessary business attire. Ralphie’s Closet also accepts donations of gently used business clothing to help the Leeds community recycle unwanted items and put them to good use.

How Can I Use Ralphie’s Closet?

We encourage (but do not require) students to donate an item of gently used business professional or business casual clothing to swap for something in Ralphie’s Closet. Please stop by the welcome desk in the Olson Atrium and one of the student workers will unlock the closet. Feel free to browse and if you choose to grab an item(s), please return to the welcome desk to inform the student workers which items were taken.

CESR BlogWant to Learn More?

Ralphie’s Closet will be hosting an official launch party on Wednesday, February 20th. Stop by the Career Peers Office (KOBL 207) by the Leeds Library to talk to our committee about how it works, as well as the importance of participating in sustainable fashion. You can also stop by anytime to talk to a Career Peer and shop the closet!

If you’re interested in getting involved with CESR Fellows or joining the Ralphie’s Closet Committee, email Make sure you stay up to date with CESR’s opportunities and events by visiting the CESR Events Page or registering for our newsletter.