Published: June 12, 2018

Leeds School of Business 2017 Sharing Information on Progress Report

CESR The Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility (CESR) is proud to hold an international leadership role in ethical business education through our work with the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). Through this work, we are spreading the reputation of the Leeds School of Business as a leader in education on business ethics, corporate social responsibility, diversity and inclusion and sustainability. We take the responsibilities of this role seriously, and seek out opportunities to leverage the international network and work products for student professional development.

Our Report

As a UN PRME signatory, the Leeds School of Business is required to report progress every 2 years. A central commitment of participants, reporting serves as a public vehicle for information, facilitating dialogue among stakeholders and the community of PRME signatories.

CESR submitted a progress report to UN PRME in December of 2017. This report highlights the Leeds School of Business’ commitment to the Six PRME Principles and how each is embedded in our teaching, research and outreach.

The report touted accomplishments including the redesigned curriculum of the World of Business and Business Ethics and Social Responsibility courses, the launch of the Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility executive education course, CESR Executive Director Mark Meaney’s leadership positions in UN PRME, and many more.

Student Learnings

CESR Student Assistant Molly MacEachen spearheaded the project. Working alongside Mark Meaney and Geri Mitchell-Brown, Molly gained experience in project management, business writing, and hands-on work with the PRME Principles and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as outlined by the UN Global Compact.

“Spending one semester piecing together elements of our programming to align with the Principles of UN PRME provided me with invaluable experience,” MacEachen said. “Not only is the completion of the report a proud accomplishment for me, it gave me the chance to hone skills that I can carry forward into my education and career.”

Leadership in PRME

In December of 2015, Dr. Meaney was elected UN PRME Chapter North America Chairperson, and has been a member of the PRME Advisory Committee since January of 2016. Responsibilities include overseeing PRME Programming, strategic planning and measuring progress towards goals and objectives.

Dr. Meaney brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and connections that directly benefit Leeds students, research efforts, and external partnerships. As Chairperson, he is able to understand the global impact that education on the UN Sustainable Development Goals can make, which furthers his ability to incorporate the values of global social responsibility into activities and curricula throughout Leeds.


Why it Matters

Through UN PRME, Leeds is able to distinguish itself as a leader of responsible management education and gain recognition for our efforts.

“It has been a highlight of my career to serve as the UN PRME Chapter North America Chairperson, on PRME’s International Advisory Committee and as the Leeds PRME Manager,” Dr. Meaney said. “These appointments reflect the commitment that the Leeds School and Dean Sharon Matusik have to the principles of responsible management education and to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. “

Not only are we proud to share our progress in responsible management education with UN PRME and its signatories, but also with our stakeholders.


Founded in 2007, the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) is an initiative supported by the United Nations that strives to advance the profile of education in business schools. Their mission is “to transform business and management education, and develop the responsible leaders of tomorrow.”

According to UN PRME, “Organisations (sic) that join PRME are expressing their conviction that higher education institutions integrating universal values into curriculum and research can contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive global economy, and help build more prosperous societies.”

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