Published: Dec. 8, 2021
Hayley Harris

Hayley Harris is a wonderful mentor in our COventure Forward program. She’s worked with businesses such as Tocabe, Spark Mindset, and BeFriendlee. As the owner and lead consultant of ideali Consulting, Hayley is a master of metamorphosis. Going strong for 12 years, she assists companies with rebranding, structural changes, and perspective shifts. Hayley elaborates on her experience as an entrepreneur, 

“There is no greater privilege than standing beside an entrepreneur and being included in the raw and vulnerable journey they tackle. Their passion is infectious and their challenges are immense but smart entrepreneurs put their egos aside and reach out to people who have strengths and skills that they do not possess. As a change management strategist during the COVID-19 shutdowns and disruption, it's been a fascinating and rewarding experience to help ALL businesses in all stages and industries tackle the global changes with their whole hearts.”

Hayley provides the following advice to entrepreneurs:

“Don't be afraid of change! Instead, see change as opportunities to pivot and innovate. Internal changes are opportunities to refresh the organization. COVID has brought a prolonged season of forced change. The businesses who dive into the changes will see rewards. Those that try to keep the status quo will suffer. Embrace virtual work and all the possibilities that open! Listen to customers and how their habits have changed, and examine how you can meet them in their new ways! This is an unprecedented time of change... be open to it use it to your BEST advantage!” 

Hayley gives thanks to her family, “to my incredible 7-year-old daughter, who is the absolute light of my life!”

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