Published: Jan. 19, 2016
Craig Coppock

After ten years in the military, using my GI Bill to pursue an MBA was a no-brainer. I knew that I wanted to go into the business world, but I had never spent a single day in an office job. I didn’t know which industries or career tracks would be a good fit for me. I didn’t even know what my options were! Being in grad school has given me both the time and the resources to figure out what I want to do. The core courses, guest speakers, and countless conversations with mentors and professors gave me a broad exposure to the different focus areas. My summer internship let me see exactly what a career in my concentration would look like day to day. Now, as a second-year MBA student, I know exactly what I want to pursue. 

I originally chose Leeds because I love having quick access to the mountains and I wanted to be around people with similar interest in the outdoors. What I didn’t expect to find is the strong veteran community at CU. I first started going to the Student Veterans Association (SVA) monthly events simply because it was refreshing to have a conversation with a fellow vet every once in a while. I am now the president of the SVA and have been able to connect veterans with employers, be a voice for veteran issues on campus and in the community, and help bring the 800 veterans on campus into a tighter community.

Another unexpected benefit of Leeds is the strong local networks. The Leeds Professional Mentorship Program connected me with the CEO of a local business. We have met every few weeks for the past year and he has been an invaluable part of my career transition. He has introduced me to many local executives in fields that I am interested in, one of which resulted in a job offer!

For anyone looking at a major career shift, military or not, an MBA is a great option. I can’t imagine doing it any other way!