Published: Jan. 21, 2015

Jan. 21, 2015

David Busch, MBA 2015 - 

About a year ago, when I began considering relevant topics worth blogging about, ranked the top 50 most amazing college campuses. Somehow, CU-Boulder wound up in 48th. As this campus constantly amazes me I was a bit surprised it wasn’t ranked at least in the top 10. I had read the list of the 47 campuses ranked as more amazing and was far from impressed. This was the most recent occurrence of underrating the University of Colorado of which I had been a witness.

Frustrated with the report, I thought of entering a nasty gram in the comments section. Instead I let my frustration fester for a year. In the past year, I have been witness to many more of these tragedies. I have decided to finally be one of the voices of reason. This fine mecca of academic greatness, industry leadership, health pioneering, and natural campus beauty deserves acknowledgement.

Below is a list including CU’s placement in other rankings. It encompasses the nation’s opinions of the university. To accurately value a university, I believe that context is extremely important. After all, it is every student’s ambition to obtain a bright futurepost-graduation. In most cases, this occurs in the surrounding cities. With this opinion in mind, I have expanded the scope of the listing to include surrounding areas and the major cities of Colorado.

One of the greatest strengths of the university is its ability to give its students access to surrounding industries and professionals. I cannot count the number of events I have attended in surrounding cities, or the number of professionals I have met and keep in contact with from across the state. As the list illustrates, a student exiting Boulder with diploma in hand has one of the greatest opportunities in the country. Among 31 reports, CU-Boulder and the surrounding areas have been ranked in the top ten. This includes in career growth potential, health, quality of life, education, location, and tourism. Is there anything else more important? Oh yeah…the beer, music, and sports aren’t a bad kicker.

In conclusion, CU-Boulder has much more value than the country is acknowledging. I encourage everyone to come out and experience the “48th” most amazing campus in the nation. With the sun bouncing off of the neighboring flat-irons, endless mountains, rivers, and waterfalls to explore, and a vibrant-energetic-outgoing community, this amazing campus will easily astound. I rest my case.



#1 Best College Towns in America

#2 Best Colleges for Outdoor Recreation 2003

#18 (Cost) - Bloomberg Businessweek (out-of-state full-time, would be 13th if in-state) Bloomberg 2014

#21 Beyond Grey Pinstripes 

#39 MBA Part-Time Programs 

#48 50 Most Amazing College Campuses

#80 US News & World Report MBA Full-Time Programs 

#83 Bloomberg Businessweek MBA Programs



#1 State for Economic Growth

#36 City for Job Growth (Boulder)

#31 City for Job Growth (Denver, CO)

#2 City for Job Growth (Greeley, CO)

#16 City for Job Growth (Fort Collins, CO)

#5 Greenest Cities in North America (Denver)

#1 Best College Town (Boulder)

#30 Probabiliy of Sunshine (Denver)

3rd Healthiest State in the Country

Top 10 Cities for Health (Boulder & Denver)

#5 US and Canada Green City Index

2nd Best County in the Country (Douglas: Includes Castle Rock and Centennial)

#10 Town to live in in the Country (Boulder)

#7 Top US Travel Destination (Boulder, CO)

#1 Quality of Life for mid-sized City (Boulder, CO)

#1 Quality of Life for major metro City (Denver, CO)

#4 Best Cities to Live in (Boulder, CO)

#1 America's Favorite Towns (Aspen, CO)

#2 America's Favorite Towns (Estes Park, CO)

#7 America's Favorite Towns (Telluride, CO)

2nd Best Small Town (Louisville, CO)

#2 Highest Educated States

#3 Highest Educated States

#1 Most Educated Metro (Boulder, CO)

#1 City for Education (Boulder, CO)

#9 City for Education (Fort Collins, CO)

#17 City for Education (Denver, CO)

#4 City for Business and Careers (Denver, CO)

#5 City for Business and Careers (Fort Collins, CO)

#20 City for Business and Careers (Greeley, CO)

#23 City for Business and Careers (Boulder, CO)

#29 City for Business and Careers (Colorado Springs, CO)



Food & Entertainment

#2 Best Beer City (Denver)

#5 Top Cities for Millenials (Denver)

#7 Coolest Cities in America (Denver)



Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC)

    Western Region Champion 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007

    Western Region Runner-Up 2008, 2006, 2005, 2000

    International Champion 2012

    International 2nd Place 2014    

NAIOP Rocky Mountain Real Estate Challenge

ULI Hines Competition Winner - 2012, 2005

CU New Venture Challenge - Cross Campus Entrepreneurship Championships 

Net Impact Case Competition - Host/Organizer

ACG Cup (Association for Corporate Growth)

   Winners 2012, 2013

   Runner Up 2014



Photo Credit:

Photo of CU MBA Students with real estate development professionals touring one of Nichols Partnership's current developments on Platte St. in Denver.

Photo of Folsom Field looking west during the KSU game on Oct. 18 was taken by Alex Benison