Published: March 11, 2020

The Deming Center for Entrepreneurship is excited to announce a new podcast, Creative Distillation. Co-hosted by Associate Professor Jeff York, our Research Director, and Instructor Brad Werner, our Teaching Director, each episode distills academic research on entrepreneurship into actionable insights.

What is the Creative Distillation Podcast?

The nexus for this podcast came about through conversations between Jeff and Brad about the value of entrepreneurship research. Brad brings a strong business perspective to the discussion that compliments Jeff’s focus on academic research. In each episode the pair will focus on a recent study and highlight how this academic research is valuable to not only our students, but the broader startup community.

It just so happens Boulder has a booming industry for spirits and craft beer, so it’s only natural to visit a new location each episode and enjoy a tasty beverage while distilling the latest research.

How can I listen to the show?

Creative Distillation is available on YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes and other podcast listening apps. Click here to listen and learn more about the podcast series!

How can I support the show?

Subscribe to new episodes via your favorite channel, leave a review, and tell the world about the show on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

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