Liz Compos Headshot


I want to help change the way innovators and artists envision their path and empower them to become entrepreneurs. I aspire to increase the amount of inspirational art and creative solutions that reach the public by helping creative individuals achieve financially sustainable paths. 

Career Objectives

I want to work with nonprofits and start-up ventures that empower artists and individuals with unique creative abilities, educate them about entrepreneurship, and expand their skills in business to increase their chances of succeeding in a career path that aligns with their passions. I dream of playing a role in bridging the gap between creative thinkers and financial sustainability.
I am also extremely passionate about sustainable agriculture. The past three ventures I worked with aimed to improve land and groundwater conditions through bio fertilization and the management of natural resources. I intend to continue developing ideas that positively impact our land for the future of agriculture. It is one of my dreams to own and operate a vineyard with a low environmental impact in the future.


My top five strengths identified by Clifton Strengths are Restorative, Achiever, Significance, Strategic, and Input. I excel at creative problem-solving, brainstorming, innovative thinking, and strategic planning and implementation. I am most productive when my work includes a variety of tasks in a dynamic team-driven environment. I enjoy learning from my teammates and thrive in leadership roles.

Fun Fact

I am an artist that creates colorful murals and abstract oil painting. Follow @pinky_neon to see some of my work.