Sarah Lurie fixing a dress for a bride

Sarah Lurie: COventure Forward Entrepreneur

May 3, 2022

When you ask people what has been the best day of their life, a likely answer is their wedding day. Trying to plan that day is a monumental task. This is why Sarah Lurie created Delilah Wedding & Event Planning , based in Boulder. “Weddings are more than just a...

Event Spotlight: Demystifying Entrepreneurship Workshop Series

Event Spotlight: Demystifying Entrepreneurship Workshop Series

April 27, 2022

Mark your calendars… the Demystifying Entrepreneurship Workshop Series by the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship is coming to town! About Demystifying Entrepreneurship Workshop Series Demystifying Entrepreneurship Workshops are interactive certificate courses hosted across Colorado. The series is designed for those launching their own business, looking to improve an existing business, and...

Community Spotlight: Mariana Cevallos- Alluvia Packraft

Community Spotlight: Mariana Cevallos- Alluvia Packraft

April 20, 2022

Meet Mariana Cevallos , Founder and CEO of Alluvia Packraft , makers of lightweight, packable, inflatable boats suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Originally from Lima, Peru, Mariana moved to Colorado in 2015, where she instantly fell in love with the local nature and outdoor activities. When Mariana began packrafting with...

Community Spotlight: Olivia Pedersen - Sustaio

Community Spotlight Update: Olivia Pedersen - Sustaio

April 13, 2022

The Deming Center for Entrepreneurship is excited to share an update on former spotlight feature , Olivia Pedersen! Olivia Pedersen is the Founder & CEO of Sustaio , a platform that empowers individuals to achieve a sustainable lifestyle with a Sustaio Score. About Sustaio Sustaio is a business-to-business-to-consumer company using...

Deming Event Spotlight - Startups & Sandwiches

Deming Event Spotlight - Startups & Sandwiches

April 6, 2022

Introducing Startups & Sandwiches hosted by the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship ! Startups & Sandwiches provides students with an opportunity to network with seasoned entrepreneurs, while enjoying some of the finest sandwiches Boulder has to offer…for free! About Startups & Sandwiches Startups & Sandwiches occurs once a month during the...

Aaron Friedland and friend posing in front of a rocky structure on a hike.

Aaron Friedland: COventure Forward Entrepreneur

April 5, 2022

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the rising trend of campervans as an alternative to living in a house or apartment. What you may not know is how expensive these vans are to obtain; a fully-equipped campervan can cost upwards of $100,000. This is why Aaron Friedland started Oasis Campervans , which...

Eboni Freeman in business professional attire

Eboni Freeman: COventure Forward Mentor

April 5, 2022

An absolute powerhouse in the Boulder community, Eboni is Vice-Chair of the Arts & Culture Commission and Senior Director of Programs at Boulder’s Watson Institute. She also hosts her own creative studio and podcast Wonder Stars of the Universe , “built on creative exploration at the vortex of art, design,...

Community Spotlight: Roger Hosea - DocuPots

Community Spotlight: Roger Hosea - DocuPots

March 30, 2022

Meet Roger Hosea , a former Rural Colorado Workshop Series attendee and founder of DocuPots! DocuPots are biodegradable planting pots made entirely out of paper. Roger was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He graduated from Colorado State University with a Science and Natural Resources degree in 1982. Roger spent...

CU's Climate Prize Night winning team Agraaze accepting their $10,000 check

CU Climate Prize Night

March 29, 2022

Three weeks ago at the New Venture Challenge Climate Prize Night, five finalists competed for the chance to win a share of $20K. Teams showcased their passion and innovation to tackle pressing climate issues. Their solutions ranged from eliminating landfills to underwater vacuums. In first place was Agraaze with their...

cretaive distillation podcast banner

Podcast: When Founders Feel Frustration, Don’t Bottle it Up

March 20, 2022

Coming from a weaker institutional context can benefit entrepreneurs, Dean Sharon Matusik says on the latest Creative Distillation research podcast. When you’re the dean of a top-20 public business school, you need to manage a host of responsibilities, from setting a budget to setting a strategic course mapping out the...