mark meaney

CESR Executive Director Presenting at High-Profile Conferences

Feb. 17, 2015

With planned visits to both U.S. coasts in late February, Dr. Mark Meaney prepares to address ethics topics at two high-profile conferences. First, CESR’s executive director will touch down in Costa Mesa, California for The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE) Twenty-fourth Annual International Conference on February 19 -...

Marc Prisant and Heidie Heltzel

*NEW* Scholarship for Ethics and Social Responsibility

Feb. 16, 2015

It has been an exciting start to the semester for the Socially Responsible Enterprise (SRE) Certificate Program within CESR. The program will graduate the largest class of students in the certificate’s history in May with 30 Leeds undergraduates completing the program. In addition, CESR was extremely fortunate to receive a...

Center for the Education on Social Responsibility - Business Ethics 3rd place with judges

An (Ethical) Fight to the Finish for $10K

Feb. 10, 2015

For the third straight year, the Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR) is preparing to host its Business Ethics Case Competition at the University of Colorado Boulder, where $10,000 will be awarded to the winners of the competition. The event, open to all Leeds School of Business students, provides...

Partners in Business Ethics Infographic

Global Leaders to Join Together for Business Ethics

Jan. 22, 2015

PBE Participants Infographic Hosted by the Center for Education on Social Responsibility at Leeds School of Business University of Colorado Boulder Corporate leaders emphasize the importance of business ethics and integrity in the workplace. Yet they are concerned that business schools are not graduating students with the educational experiences necessary...

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What's the Burden of Proof?

Dec. 5, 2014

A whistleblower wins $65 million for calling out DaVita Healthcare Partners Inc., the kidney dialysis giant, for allegedly paying illegal kickbacks to physicians who referred patients to dialysis centers in which the physicians had an ownership stake. CESR Executive Director Mark Meaney weighs in on the issue of contractual ethics...

How do You Rationalize Your Little White Lies?

Nov. 18, 2014

“People cheat on their taxes, on their spouses, in sports and cards. They commit petty theft and other immoral acts when nobody is looking. People lie to friends and family, and justify these as harmless, ‘white’ lies,” states a recent Huffington Post article , “Breaking the Rules – And Feeling...

Mark’s Message

Nov. 17, 2014

The Leeds School of Business is ranked sixth in the nation under the Best Undergraduate B-Schools for Sustainability . As an important member of an excellent team, Dave Payne played an integral role in realizing this achievement. For those who don’t know Dave, he is a part-time instructor with full-time...

B Corp handbook

Joining the B Corp Revolution

Nov. 17, 2014

It’s a movement that’s becoming the new way to conduct business. Companies are starting to realize that becoming certified as a B Corp differentiates their business, attracts investors and engages top talent. Patagonia , Ben & Jerry’s and Etsy have all jumped on the B Corp bandwagon, using the power...

Tom Lamotte

Ethical Business Crusader Joins CESR

Nov. 17, 2014

A longtime business-ethics-in-education advocate finally took a well-deserved seat at the CESR board meeting in October. Decades ago, long before CESR was even born, Tom LaMotte championed the idea of incorporating social responsibility into business education. LaMotte, ’63 Management, sat on the Business Advisory Committee (a.k.a. the Leeds Board) in...

Social Entrepreneurship After Disaster

Nov. 10, 2014

How Community Identity Influences Rebuild Decisions Ever wonder why entrepreneurs choose to rebuild and reinvest after a tornado or earthquake? After witnessing the after-effects of the May 2011 tornado in Joplin, Missouri, Jenni Dinger , a Leeds PhD student, wondered just that. She’s partnering with CESR which has been funding...