Published: June 22, 2018

CU TeamBOULDER, COLORADO. A team of six Leeds undergrad real estate students took the top spot at the 2017 Sherman Miller Real Estate Competition hosted by the CU Real Estate Center and pitting teams from CU, CSU and DU in the annual intrastate battle. The winning team included seniors Kevin Castillo, Paula Chavarria, Kevin Goodman, Edward Miller and Alec Schmergel, and junior Sultan Alkhonji. The victory marks the third time CU has won the competition in the four years since the inaugural event in 2014. The University of Denver placed second and CSU third.

The competition is designed to give the students a taste of the real world by tasking the students with analyzing and then presenting to a panel of industry experts their findings and recommendations for a potential purchase of a neighborhood retail center. The student teams have just five days to complete their analysis before making their presentations live before the industry experts and answering tough questions posed by the panel during the Q&A that follows.

The team prepares in the weeks leading up to the event by analyzing and then presenting practice cases before some of our CUREC industry partners as well as our real estate faculty. A special thank you to those industry partners who helped prepare this year’s winning team.

The event is named in honor of Sherm Miller, past Executive Director of the CUREC, and the primary force behind establishing this intrastate undergrad real estate case competition.

Congratulations to our winning team…WAY TO GO BUFFS!