Many stakeholders, including investors, employees, and customers, are demanding that businesses of all sizes and types take rapid, meaningful action to mitigate climate change, and to transparently share their climate risks and adaptation plans. Millennial and Gen Z workers have made their preferences clear regarding the kinds of companies they want to buy from, and work for. While many of the largest publicly-traded companies now report their emissions (and emissions reduction commitments) through platforms like CDP and TCFD, most public companies and privately-held companies have not taken meaningful action.

Climate Action for Business will be a program to equip business leaders to: 

  • Develop meaningful climate action strategies for businesses.
  • Help companies account for their carbon emissions.
  • Give companies a roadmap for reducing their emissions.

This certificate program will consist of two half-day modules designed to help participants grow their knowledge in areas of sustainability in their business with a special focus on climate action and risk and calculating data to understand their own organization's emissions. At the conclusion, participants will create their own template for a climate action plan to take back to their organizations. 

The Leeds School of Business has partnered with MissionZero. The Mission Zero Fund at CU Boulder sponsors various programs that allow CU faculty and students to work on climate action. These programs engage students in all of the colleges at the University of Colorado Boulder.