We strive to keep tuition affordable and provide funding opportunities that make pursuing a public interest career financially viable to all students. Among the programs that provide financial support to our students are:

  • Scholarships – in addition to the scholarships we offer to incoming students, students who have completed at least one semester are eligible to apply each spring for scholarships for the following year. Most of these scholarships are dedicated to specified purposes, including public service. An updated list of continuing student scholarships is posted each spring.
  • Summer Fellowships – these provide income to students doing unpaid or underpaid public service work during the summer.
  • Post-Graduate Fellowships – programs such as the Denver City Attorney’s Office Fellowship Program enable graduates to work in government service.
  • Loan Repayment Assistant Program (LRAP) - provides awards that help graduates working in public service careers repay their law school loans.

In addition, our Career Development Office works to make sure students are well-educated about funding opportunities available from sources outside the school. We understand that public service work can involve financial sacrifice and endeavor to make students' decision to pursue a career one of choice rather than of financial expediency.