Most students and graduates secure substantive employment by building an active network of contacts from which they receive valuable advice, information and referrals. 

Our Career Development Office assists Colorado Law students and graduates by:

  • Engaging in systematic outreach to employers to better understand their hiring needs and to develop new opportunities for students and graduates;
  • Understanding the career goals of students and graduates to facilitate good matches with mentors and potential employers; and
  • Sponsoring job search strategy and networking workshops to give students the professional tools they need.

Each of our four counselors has a speciality area and is responsible for outreach and engagement with employers in that area. Information about employers is also available to students and alumni via a secure 12Twenty-based database called CDOnline.

Law School Survey of Student Engagement

The Law School Survey of Student Engagement (LSSSE), administered by the Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research, is designed to measure the effects of legal education on law students. According to the Center, the LSSSE is “centered on the concept of student engagement—which is based on the simple, yet powerful observation that the more engrossing the educational experience, the more students will gain from it.” The survey provides a comprehensive view of the experiences of students in the classroom and in their broader lives.

Of the 60+ questions in the 2018 LSSSE, the largest positive response in both 2L and 3L satisfaction between Colorado Law and other law schools in our region was to the question regarding satisfaction with job search help.

Visit CDOnline

  • Search for posted job opportunities
  • Log Public Service Pledge hours
  • Connect with Colorado Law alumni
  • Schedule appointments with a career advisor
  • Find resources and templates for application documents
  • RSVP for CDO workshops


For a description of our externship program, through which students can receive academic credit for work performed under attorney supervision at a government agency or nonprofit entity, visit our Externship page.

Public Service Pledge

By signing the Colorado Law Public Service Pledge, students commit to at least 50 hours of law-related public service work, not for credit or other compensation, during their time at the Law School. Click here to learn more about the Pledge including the deadline for reporting hours and what kind of work will qualify. Click here for instructions on how to log your Pledge hours in CDOnline.

Student Practice Act

Law students who have completed at least two years of law school may appear in court pursuant to Colorado Rule of Civil Procedure 205.7. A student must file a certification that they have completed two years of law school and is of good moral character. To file this certification, print the form, complete the first two sections, and bring the form to the Dean's Suite, and deposit it in the drop box labeled "FORMS", outside office 326H OR email the form to The Registrar will then complete and submit the form. 

The student must also provide the name of the supervising attorney and an anticipated graduation date. Work must be performed for an attorney in the public sector, i.e., the Public Defender's Office or District Attorney's Office; or on behalf of a non profit legal services organization where poor or legally underserved persons receives legal advice.