To maximize opportunities for Colorado Law students and alumni, our Career Development Office (CDO) stays in close contact with law firms both in Colorado and across the country. Over the last four years, Asst. Dean Marci Fulton and other members of the faculty and staff met with more than 200 law firms in Colorado and other states, including California, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington DC, and corresponded with many others. All employer outreach is systematically tracked to ensure timely and efficient follow up.

The CDO also developed a directory of law firms comprised of 2-30 attorneys in Boulder and the Denver metropolitan area. The Directory contains contact information and a list of specialty areas for each firm, all Colorado Law alumni currently employed by the firm, a list of the years in which the firm hired a summer law clerk from Colorado Law, and instances in the recent past when the firm has posted a law clerk opportunity with our school.

By getting to know our students' backgrounds and interests and understanding the needs of private law firm employers, we can serve as effective matchmakers.