Colorado Law is Affordable

A quality legal education is a sizeable investment in your future and Colorado Law's Office of Admissions & Financial Aid is committed to helping you find resources to make it affordable including scholarships, fellowships, and federal and private student loans.

Colorado residents pay less at Colorado Law compared to other public or private schools in the region. Non-resident students may establish residency after one year.

2023-24 Tuition Rates

Tuition and fees are just one part of the overall cost to attend CU Boulder. For a list of other case-by-case expenses, such as computer purchases or dependent care expenses, view the full cost of attendance. Note that during your 3L year your cost of attendance will automatically include bar exam related expenses. Bar preparatory materials such as BarBri, Themis, Helix, etc. are not covered by this allowance. The following budget example includes tuition rates for new law students beginning in the 2023-24 school year. The Board of Regents sets tuition each spring for the upcoming school year and may increase tuition in future years.

Cost of Attendance 2023-2024*




Rent, Utilities, and Food



Books and Supplies



Medical Insurance



Personal Expenses






Loan Origination Fees



Tuition and Fees: JD**


Base Tuition = $32,778
Fees = $1,969                                             


Base Tuition = $40,248
Fees = $1,969                                              

Total: JD



Add the following if you are a new or international student:

New International Student Fee

New Student Fee $62 (first semester, one-time fee)


*Does not include car expenses, other debt, and rent/utilities more than what is designated in the Cost of Attendance. Student fees are allocated by the CU Boulder Student Government (CUSG) and payment entitles students to use the Student Recreation CenterCUSG Legal Services, and other services and activities. The CU Board of Regents approves mandatory fees and sets tuition annually, and reserves the right to change the costs for tuition and fees at any time.

**Tuition and fees outlined above are a close estimate and are the figures used by the Office of Financial Aid in the Cost of Attendance calculation. They may differ slightly from your actual tuition and fees.

Tuition Payment

Due dates are the 5th of the month and will appear on your bill. Payment for the full balance of tuition and fees is due on the first due date of the semester, unless you sign up for a payment plan. Tuition and fee bills are generally available by the second Thursday of the month. Please see the Due Date schedule, as well as additional information on payment methods and guidelines at the Bursar's Office website. Due dates may be subject to change.

Students may elect to enroll in a payment plan. If you sign up for a payment plan, your payments will be processed around the 5th of the month. Please visit Payment Plans for detailed information and instructions.

For information about refunds, visit the Refunds page on the Bursar's Office website.