The demand for well-trained health lawyers has never been greater. Colorado Law is preparing students to meet the demands of the historic changes occurring in American health care, while also providing opportunities for students to explore emerging solutions to global public health challenges. Our program is designed to prepare students in foundational courses, while allowing advanced study that is highly individualized to the interests of each student. A Colorado Law health law student will enjoy an interdisciplinary educational experience, taking courses with students from the University of Colorado School of Medicine and the Colorado School of Public Health. Moreover, the students will take advantage of the vast and vibrant community of medical and biotechnology experts based in Boulder and the Metro Denver area.

Health Law Career Guide

Certificate in Health Law and Policy

Law students may demonstrate to employers that they are prepared to practice health law and lead in the administration financing, organization policy-making and delivery of health care by earning a Health Law & Policy Certificate (HLP).  To qualify for the HLP Certificate a student must earn 92 credit hours – three more than required for a regular J.D. degree, and at least 20 credit hours must be earned in courses approved in the Health Law and Policy curriculum.  Students awarded the Health Law & Policy Certificate will carry the notation of their concentration on their Law School transcripts.  Moreover, students may earn the "Certificate With Honors" notation by earning a cumulative average grade of at least A- in the designated courses.  

A full list of the designated courses and HLP Certificate requirements may be found in the Law School Rules. The HLP Certificate will not only prepare you to practice law in areas such as health care administration, organization, financing, public interest advocacy, and public health, but the certificate will also allow you to take advantage of the wealth of resources and courses related to health and health care in the Law School and throughout the University of Colorado system.  We surveyed health law employers and heard from them that the HLP Certificate will move law graduate resumes to the top of the applicant pile.  For more information contact the Health Law and Policy Program Director, Professor John A. Francis.

Certificate Application


Health Law Core Course Offerings

Advanced Health Law Electives

Experiential Learning and Externship Opportunities

Colorado law students have enjoyed the relationship building and mentoring provided by the area’s health law community that has taken an active interest in enhancing our students’ educational experience.  

  • Boulder Community Hospital General Counsel Office
  • Longmont United Hospital General Counsel Office
  • Colorado Department of Public Health and The Environment
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Civil Rights
  • And a host of private law firms such as Caplan & Earnest, Holland & Hart, Faegre Baker Daniels, and Polshinelli

Faculty Members