Colorado Law offers a wide variety of legal theory courses taught by a nationally renowned faculty.  Not only is the study of theoretical perspectives – and the greater understanding such study brings – valuable for its own sake, but a strong theoretical grounding also enables lawyers to understand the broader social, economic, and intellectual patterns that shape doctrine and define its functions.  Theory thus helps lawyers develop arguments and strategies, especially when ambiguities in doctrine and novel legal problems demand innovative approaches.  For similar reasons, a sound grounding in legal theory also enhances lawyers’ effectiveness as political and community leaders.

Illustrative courses

Critical Theory Colloquium
Constitutional Theory
Economic Analysis of Law
International Legal Order:  History and Foundations
Philosophy of Law
Class and Law
Power, Ethics and Professionalism
Theory of Punishment
Seminar: Gender and Criminal Justice
Gender Law

Faculty members 

Justin Desautels-Stein
Pierre Schlag
Ahmed White
Carolyn Ramsey