Mini Law School:  Law School 102

This seven-week series in Spring 2022 will focus on core concepts taught during the first year of law school.  Open to all, this program is designed for non-lawyers, is an excellent lifelong learning opportunity, and is a great chance to get a taste of what law school is like.  Participants who view at least five of the seven sessions receive a Mini Law School Certificate (no academic credit is received for participation).  There are no required readings, tests, or homework assignments - just a great opportunity to learn about the law!

We anticipate that individuals will be able to participate in Mini Law School this fall in three ways:  (1) live at the University of Colorado Law School's Wolf Law Building, from approximately 6pm to 7:30pm MDT on the night of the lecture; (2) livestreaming the lecture anywhere in the country; or (3) on-demand at any time of your choosing, beginning approximately 2 days after the live lecture.  All participants can watch any lectures they miss live by watching a recording at their convenience at a later date.





January 19, 2022 Rabea Benhalim Contracts
January 26, 2022 Andrew Schwartz Corporations and Business Law
February 2, 2022 Paul Campos Property
February 9, 2022 Jennifer Hendricks Civil Procedure and our Federal Courts
February 16, 2022 Kristelia Garcia Copyright and Trademark
February 23, 2022 Ann England Criminal Law in Practice
March 2, 2022 Colene Robinson Family Law and Learning by Doing

For questions about the course, discounts available for groups, and financial hardship waivers, please contact us at