Colorado Law is proud to have been one of the earliest law schools in the nation to admit ethnically and racially diverse lawyers. Inclusiveness and diversity are not just popular catch phrases to us. We have a strong and continuing commitment to inclusiveness and diversity, as evidenced by the first action in Our Vision statement:

Provide a supportive and diverse educational and scholarly community in a place that inspires vigorous pursuit of ideas, critical analysis, contemplation, and civic engagement in order to advance knowledge about the law in an open, just society.

To achieve this vision, we support a number of law school initiatives that further our inclusiveness and diversity.  In addition, we are actively involved in a several legal community initiatives. Finally, we work hard to cultivate career opportunities for our diverse students and alumni.

Fernando Guzman is our Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence. Drawing on his extensive professional experience, Dean Guzman helps the law school further its commitment to embedding inclusiveness and diversity into the fabric of the law school at all levels.