Colorado Law invites you to follow your JD application through the admissions process using the online applicant status page. Once you submit your application it is important to login and check your status page frequently. We will send you a confirmation email with your login information for the online status page upon receipt of your application. This page is for tracking your JD application only. We thank you for applying and welcome your questions at

Explanations of current status terms that you will find on your status page are provided below.

Application Received
The Office of Admissions has received your electronic application from LSAC and is currently processing your application to verify that all required materials have been received. If an empty box appears next to a requirement that you have already completed, we will update your status as soon as we finish processing your application. Please check your online status again after five business days to verify whether your application is complete or incomplete.

Application Complete
The Office of Admissions has reviewed your application and verified that ALL required application materials have been received. Your application is ready for the Admissions Committee to review.

Application In Review
Your application is under review by the Admissions Committee and we will have a decision for you shortly.

Application Incomplete
The Office of Admissions has reviewed your application and verified that information is missing from your application. Your application will remain incomplete until ALL required application materials have been received. The Office of Admissions will send you an email to notify you which items are missing, excluding an outstanding LSAT score for a test that has not occured yet. Please review the email in full and follow the steps that are outlined. Please allow five business days for your application to be completed after an outstanding item has been received. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Please review the Requirements List on the online status page to find out which materials are missing from your application and send them to LSAC or Colorado Law at as necessary.

REQUIREMENTS LIST - requires applicant action:
All application materials on the list below must be received by the application deadline in order for you to receive an admissions decision. Empty boxes indicate missing requirements. As missing materials are received, your requirements list and current status will be updated. 

Personal Statement Email your personal statement to
Resume Email your resume to
Character and Fitness Review your application in your LSAC account. You answered "yes" to a character and fitness question but did not provide an explanation. Email a detailed explanation to
CAS Report from LSAC Your initial LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS) report has not been received. Log into your LSAC account to find out the cause

LSAT Score All future test scores will be automatically be sent to Colorado Law from LSAC when the score becomes available.

It was indicated on your application that you are, or were, scheduled to take a future LSAT. We have not received the updated LSAT score. Log into your LSAC account to determine the cause. Send an email to Colorado Law at if you canceled a score or were absent from a test

Letter(s) of Recommendation We require two letters of recommendation. One or more are missing from your application. Log into your LSAC account to determine which letters have not been submitted to Colorado Law. Please have your recommendation letters sent directly to LSAC
Transcripts Log into your LSAC account to determine which transcripts are missing. Have official copies of your transcripts sent directly to LSAC

Explanations of decision status terms that will appear on your status page are provided below.

Decision Rendered
This decision status will appear on your online status page when a decision has been made on your application and you will receive an email notifying you of the  admissions decision. It can take one week from the date that your decision status appears for the email to be sent.      

Admitted applicants will recieve official notification by email and regular mail
Waitlisted applicants will recieve official notificaton by email and be asked to submit an online form to remain on the waitlist
Denied applicants will recieve official notification by email

All completed applications are forwarded to the Admissions Committee for review. Decisions are generally made through the end of May or until all applications have been read.


Contact Information Please review your contact information regularly to insure that Colorado Law has your most current email and mailing addresses on file.

Residency If you would like to be considered for Colorado in-state tuition classification, please complete the In-State Tuition Classification Application after you submit your application for admission.

Scholarship decisions are made on a rolling basis starting in November. Decisions are based on the application for admission. Every admitted student is considered for scholarship money.

Financial aid information can be found online. February 15 is the priority deadline to file your FAFSA for financial aid consideration.