Elevate Legal Education

Over the past two decades, state funding for the University of Colorado has dwindled to around four percent of CU's expenses. To continue Colorado Law's tradition of excellence, keep the financial burden on students as low as possible, and pursue our strategic objectives, we need help from our alumni and friends.

Support the Colorado Law Dean's Fund 

Colorado Law has more than 200 individual funds to which individuals can direct their support. You can review a list of our most supported funds or email us at law.advancement@colorado.edu for information on specific funds. The Colorado Law Dean's Fund is a discretionary fund that allows the Dean to direct funds to areas of strategic importance or highest need. Gifts to the Dean's Fund provide the most flexibility to Colorado Law.

Colorado Law's Strategic Fundraising Priorities

Colorado Law will elevate legal education and build on its tradition of excellence and innovation, while making a positive impact on humanity locally and globally. Specifically, Colorado Law’s priorities are to:

  • build on its strength and reputation by retaining and attracting faculty with national or international reputations for excellence and by providing support for cutting-edge programming;
  • broaden access to law school financially and develop leaders who reflect and understand the complex and diverse perspectives of today’s society; and,
  • connect legal education globally and advance academic programming that draws on international connections, prepares students to practice in a global society, and animates learning with an international scope.

Broadening Access

Given the steep rise in law school tuition, we need to ensure that the opportunity for a legal education is broadly accessible, regardless of social or economic background. In addition, Colorado Law has a responsibility to produce and shape tomorrow’s leaders and, to do so, we must develop students who reflect and understand the complex and diverse perspectives of today’s society. To meet this goal, Colorado Law needs support for scholarships, public service fellowships, loan repayment assistance, and its innovative Leaders in Law and Community Fellowship Program, which transforms the way we think about diversity and cultivating leadership by recruiting students from backgrounds that are underrepresented in law schools and in the legal profession and maximizing the odds that these students reach their potential.

Support Leaders in Law and Community

Support Scholarships

Support Public Service Fellowships

Support Loan Repayment and Assistance

Support Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

Support Student Emergency Needs

Connecting Globally

The interconnectedness of the world affects all lawyers—even those who will never practice outside the United States. In today’s world of transborder connections, virtually no area of law is devoid of a global dimension. In order to continue as a nationally-recognized innovator and leader in the changing legal landscape, Colorado Law must add to its International Law program and advance academic programming that draws on international connections and prepares its students to practice in a global society. We will continue to respect and reflect our Colorado environs, while providing a high-quality legal education that is both locally rooted and globally engaged. By exploring transnational connections, we will promote a cross-cultural understanding of diverse societies and legal systems, while animating learning with an international scope.

Support Global Initiatives

Support International Public Service Fellowships

Building on Excellence

Colorado Law is a top law school, and we aim to not only maintain but also elevate its strengths as an institution that contributes positively to humanity. Key to our strengths and reputation are the quality of the education we provide and the quality of the research and programming we advance to drive legal, social, and entrepreneurial innovation. Maintaining and developing these strengths depends on retaining and attracting faculty members who have, or with the potential to have, national or international reputations for excellence, and on providing them and associated staff with the means to build academic programming geared toward student success, maximizing career opportunities, and addressing the challenges of the 21st century.

Support Faculty Excellence