At Colorado Law, we are committed to supporting students who are pursuing public service careers. In addition to scholarships and loan repayment assistance, we offer our current students and recent graduates a variety of public service fellowship opportunities that allow them to gain valuable work experience without the burden of additional financial hardship. Many of the public service opportunities available to law students and recent graduates are unpaid or low paying. Public service fellowships provide students with a small stipend to cover expenses while working in these positions. Summer fellowships provide current students stipends of $2,500 to $3,750 depending on the location of employment. Stipends for post-graduate fellowships depend on the length of the fellowship.

Make your gift to Law Public Service Fellowships

Support an Existing Public Service Fellowship

By giving to an existing fellowship, you can help grow the fund while honoring distinguished alumni or faculty, supporting students pursuing careers in specific areas of law, celebrating diversity, or building a legacy. Below are some of the public service fellowship funds at Colorado Law: 

Creating a Named Public Service Fellowship

Establishing a named public service fellowship at Colorado Law is easy to do. You can work with classmates to establish a class fellowship, endow one in memory of a loved one or important mentor, or give back by leaving your own legacy at Colorado Law. You can work with Colorado Law to establish criteria for your fellowship.

Endowed public service fellowships require a minimum commitment of $50,000 that can be paid over up to five consecutive years, which will allow Colorado Law to award a summer public service fellowship in perpetuity. Endowments are permanently invested by the University of Colorado Foundation, generating interest (generally around $2,000 for a $50,000 commitment) that is used each year for fellowships. Read more about endowments.

Current fellowships, which are awarded immediately, require a minimum commitment of $12,500, which can be paid over five years. For example, the current named fellowship can be created through a five-year, $2,500 per year pledge ($12,500). Each year the donor would give $2,500 to be awarded that year as a named fellowship. After the initial five-year commitment, donors can continue their fellowships by making annual contributions of at least $2,500.

To learn more about establishing a public service fellowship at Colorado Law, visit You can also contact Robert Garelick (Assistant Dean for Advancement) at / 303-735-5845, Emily Nist (Associate Director of Development) at / 303-492-5973, or Jeremy Jones (Director of Development) at / 303-735-8463.