Colorado Law’s mission is to be an outstanding public law school that provides students with a state-of-the-art legal education and prepares them to serve wisely and with professionalism; advances the development of knowledge through scholarship, testing of new ideas, and challenges to the status quo; and serves as a vehicle and catalyst for meaningful public service, all of which deliver high value to our students and have positive impacts—both locally and globally—on the legal profession and society. 

As this mission statement makes clear, we believe that excellence in legal education requires a commitment to a plurality of purposes. To achieve some of those purposes, Colorado Law has identified the following learning outcomes for its students:

(1) Knowledge and understanding of legal theory and doctrine;
(2) Related substantive knowledge, including societal context;
(3) Legal analysis;
(4) Legal research skills;
(5) Oral and written communication;
(6) Professional and ethical responsibilities to clients and the legal system; and
(7) Other professional skills.