Public service is one of Colorado Law’s core values. Our Summer Fellowship program provides financial support to Colorado Law students pursuing unpaid and extremely lowly paid summer public service job opportunities.

Fellowships are available for public service work, with the exception of for-credit externships. Some fellowships are specific to particular practice areas, e.g. environmental law, public policy, and civil rights. Others, such as the Public Service Summer Fellowship (PSSF), are available for any practice area. The PSSF provides awards to the largest number of students. Students should apply for any and all of our Summer Fellowships for which they believe their summer work qualifies.

To be eligible to receive a summer fellowship, a student must submit application(s) through CDOnline on or before the closing of the application window. If a student does not secure a summer position before the closing of the application window, they may preserve eligibility for a summer fellowship by submitting a placeholder application that details job search efforts up to that point. To receive a fellowship, a student needs to secure and commit to a public service summer position. Funding amounts vary and most are limited to unpaid or extremely lowly paid work. Fellowships available this summer and instructions on how to apply are posted in CDOnline’s job postings section during the application window (keyword search "fellowship"). The application window will be announced to all Colorado Law 1L and 2L students by email and through MyLaw.

Below, we have highlighted the Summer Fellowships that have been offered in the past and are available exclusively to Colorado Law students. CDOnlinePSJD, and the Government Honors and Internship Handbook (accessible via your CDOnline homepage) are extremely helpful resources for finding public service summer jobs. If you would like help with your summer job search strategy, we strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with a member of Colorado Law’s CDO staff.

Please read the following FAQ’s for information about eligibility, application details, and other important information about Colorado Law’s Summer Fellowship program.