We offer our students many opportunities to engage in public service work.

First, through the Public Service Pledge Program, Colorado Law students can pledge to volunteer at least 50 hours of law-related service during school through work with practicing lawyers locally and nationwide. Participation in the Korey Wise Innocence Project is one way that our students fulfill the pledge. Once students have completed the requisite hours, they have their public service recognized on their official transcript and can identify the pledge award on their resume. The pledge program is one of four collaborative model projects for CU's Institute for Ethical and Civic Engagement, the central campus office that manages the Peace Corps, Teach for America, and other public service opportunities.

Second, the Clinical Education Program, one of the oldest in the nation, enables our students to provide much-needed legal representation in nine different substantive law areas to low income Coloradans. Students take the lead on their cases and projects under the close supervision and mentorship of experienced faculty members.

Third, the Byron R. White Center for the Study of American Constitutional Law offers students a multitude of opportunities to engage in public service work.  For example, the Colorado Law Constitution Day Project, the White Center's most popular project, sends law students and local attorneys into high school classrooms to teach a lesson on the Constitution each year in recognition of Constitution Day, September 17.