Mission and Scope

The Samuelson-Glushko Technology Law & Policy Clinic (TLPC) offers students an interdisciplinary, hands-on opportunity to develop and execute strategic advocacy initiatives aimed at making an impact on cutting-edge technology policy issues in the public interest. Legal practice before administrative bodies is a critical component of many attorneys’ practices. Under the supervision of the TLPC Director, TLPC students advocate before state and federal administrative agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission, Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Copyright Office, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Colorado Public Utilities Commission, and federal appellate courts on a variety of real telecommunications, intellectual property, privacy, accessibility, and other policy and regulatory matters with substantial technology dimensions. The TLPC aims to provide a thoughtful and reflective environment for students to:

  1. Develop and practice creative problem-solving and professional advocacy skills and techniques;
  2. Navigate the challenges of advocating on behalf of the public interest on critical policy issues;
  3. Learn to serve as a translation layer between lawyers, policymakers, and technologists; and
  4. Experience the process of policy change by participating in real matters with real stakeholders.

No prerequisites are required, but at least one technology-related course such as Telecom Law, Intro to IP, Copyright Law, or Information Privacy is recommended as a corequisite.


The Clinic is made possible by a generous donation from Robert Glushko and Pam Samuelson of Berkeley, California. Bob Glushko enjoyed a successful career as an inventor and entrepreneur and is now a professor at Berkeley's School of Information. Pam Samuelson, who is married to Glushko, is a leading scholar on information policy and is jointly appointed at Berkeley's School of Information and Boalt Hall School of Law. Glushko and Samuelson's donation enabled Colorado Law to become the third school to host a technology policy clinic in their name, joining American University in Washington, DC, and UC-Berkeley's Boalt Hall.