Mission and Clients

The Immigration Defense Clinic offers law students the opportunity to appear in both criminal and immigration court in defense of non-citizen clients. In the criminal context, law students represent clients who have been charged with misdemeanors in Boulder County, assisting them with bond hearings, motions hearing and trial. We also file affirmative applications for immigration relief, assisting recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), immigrant victims of crime and asylum seekers. Students in this Clinic learn the complex interaction between our nation’s criminal and immigration laws, learning substantive law and putting it into practice on behalf of a vulnerable population.  This clinic also focuses on educating the public and researching various public policy issues involving immigration.

Type of Legal Assistance         

In academic year 2021-2022, Immigration law and policy is undergoing many rapidly developing changes under the new federal administration. Students in this clinic will work directly with noncitizens in our community who may be navigating criminal and immigration legal systems at the same time, learning how to advise clients in a specialized way in order to avoid unnecessary immigration consequences. Students will also work directly with noncitizens who have received Deferred Action for Childhoold Arrivals (DACA) and qualify for renewals, as well as with other immigrants who may qualify for other immigration benefits.