Super-resolution and Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope with TIRF

Make/ Model:

Nikon N-SIM/A1

Instrument Description:

The inverted Nikon N-SIM/A1 microscope is a combination structured illumination microscopy (SIM), laser scanning confocal and total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy system.  SIM and TIRF imaging utilize a high sensitivity EM-CCD camera and the A1 confocal contains uses highly sensitive GaAsP and two enhanced PMT detectors.  The instrument is equipped with six laser lines (405, 445, 488, 515, 561, and 647 nm) and a wide range of objective lenses, including high-end 4x and 10x, and high NA 20x and 40x, an extra-long working distance 40x air objectives, and a 100x 1.49 NA oil; a 60x water 1.27 NA objective is available. Differential interference contrast microscopy is also available with confocal imaging.  A Tokai-Hit incubation chamber with single 35mm dish or a multi-well chamber slide can be used on this microscope for live imaging.  This microscope can be used for a wide range of applications and is particularly well suited to imaging at super-resolution and confocal imaging of dim samples.  

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Primary Contact:

James Orth

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Number: 303-492-5955 / 303-492-5057

Instrument Location:

Porter B047A