Instrument/Service Type:

Widefield microscope with color brightfield


Nikon TiU

Instrument Description:

This Nikon Ti-U is an inverted widefield epifluorescence microscope with both fluorescence and color imaging (RGB, histology). For fluorescence, this microscope uses an Excelitas Excite 100-watt metal halide lamp, Chroma optical filters, and is capable of imaging DAPI/Hoechst, EGFP, TxRed/mCherry/Alexa 568, Alexa 647 and related fluorescent molecules. Brightfield imaging is available, including DIC microscopy at 60X. This microscope uses a CoolSNAP HQ2 CCD detector for fluorescence and ASI motorized X, Y, Z stage. Brightfield-color microscopy is available via a Nikon DS-Fi3 24 bit, high-definition color camera (5.9 megapixel, CMOS).

Objective lenses available are: 4X NA 0.15, 10x NA 0.45, 20X NA 0.50, 40X NA 0.75, 40x NA 0.95, 60x oil NA1.40, and 100x oil NA 1.30.

This microscope is excellent for imaging fixed samples, yeast, and other cells.

Keywords for Instrument:

color brightfield, histology, fluorescence, montaging

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Primary Contact:

James Orth

Phone: 303-492-5955 or 303-492-5057

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Light Microscopy Core Facility

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Porter B047A

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