Instrument/Service Type:

Workstation for Image Analysis


Hewlett Packard Z8 G4

Instrument Description:

This analysis PC features Intel Xenon 28 core processors, a 512GB SSD, 4TB HDD N 1 P4317Q data drive, 128GB DDR4 RAM, high-speed USB3.0 ports, and a Dell 43 inch Ultra HD 4K monitor. Software includes, Imaris 9.2.1 for Cell Biologists, Olympus cellSens with 3D deconvolution, FIJI, and CV1000 viewer (Yokogawa).

Keywords for the Instrument:

Imaris, 3D image analysis, cellSens, deconvolution

Instrument Website URL: 

Primary Contact:

James Orth

Phone: 303-492-5955 or 303-492-5057

Instrument Home Department/Institute:


Instrument Home Facility:

Light Microscopy Core Facility

Instrument Location:

Porter B047A

Available to university users?


Available to external, academic and national lab users?