Instrument / Service Type:

Compounds Specific Stable Isotope analysis (CO2 and H2)

Make / Model:

Thermo Trace1310, ISOLINK II, MAT253

Instrument Description:

Thermo MAT 253 Plus isotope ratio mass spectrometer equipped with universal CNOS and HD collectors, ConfloIV interface, GC IsolinkII, and Trace GC 1310 to analyze isotopic composition (C & H) of various kinds of lipid classes extracted from a range of environmental samples.

Instrument Website:

Primary Contact Name:

Nadia Dildar


Phone: 303-735-3277

Instrument Home Department/Institute:


Home Facility:

Organic Geochemistry Laboratory

Instrument Location:

SEEL 214

Instrument Availability:

Open on a case-by-case basis to university users outside of the home department

Open on a case-by-case basis to academic and national lab users