Instrument/Service Type:

Multi-photon microscopy, IR


Olympus FVMPE-RS twin laser

Instrument Description:

A dedicated Olympus multi-photon microscope. Two separate, tunable, pulsed IR lasers, a Spectra Physics Insight X3 (680-1300 nm) and Spectra Physics MaiTai eHP DeepSee (690-1040 nm). Four PMT detectors. Galvanometer and resonance scanning. Multi-photon objectives: 5x NA 0.10 air WD 20 mm, 10x NA 0.60 water immersion WD 3.3 mm, 25x TruResolution water immersion NA 1.05 WD 2.0 mm, and 60x water immersion NA 1.10 WD 1.5 mm. A 20x air, NA 0.60 WD 8.2 mm is available for GRIN lens work. Olympus Fluoview acquisition software, motorized Prior Z-Deck stage allowing for multipoint, tiling, Z-series time-lapse imaging, etc. Other features include auto-alignment, beam-shaping for improved deep focus, and BrightZ power-compensation. A sample warming pad (Stoelting) and isoflurane anesthesia is available for imaging small animals. Ideal for simultaneous multi-color, deep, in situ imaging of excised or live samples, including tissues and whole animals.

Keywords for Instrument:

Multi-photon, in situ, intravital, IR, deep tissue, GRIN lens

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Primary Contact:

James Orth

Phone: 303-492-5955 or 303-492-5057

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Light Microscopy Core Facility

Instrument Location:

Porter B051

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