Instrument/Service Type:

Widefield microscope



Instrument Description:

This microscope uses a high-intensity Prior Scientific Lumen 200Pro 200-watt metal halide lamp, motorized filter wheels with Chroma and Semrock optical filters, a Prior Scientific H117 motorized, linear-encoded stage (X-Y), and Olympus motorized Z-drive. The optical filters include QD360, DAPI/Hoechst, ECFP, EGFP, Venus, Alexa568;TxRed;mCherry/TdTomato, Alexa647, and other related probes. The microscope allows custom configurations. There is also brightfield and phase-contrast (20x and 40x). The detector is a Hamamatsu ORCA R2 CCD.

The following objective lenses are available: 4x NA 0.13, 10x NA 0.40, 20x NA 0.70, 40x NA 0.75, 60x water NA 1.20, 60x oil NA 1.35, and 100x oil NA 1.40.

For live cell imaging, an InVivo Scientific stage-top incubation chamber is available in single 35 mm dishes or multiwell plate formats, using pre-blended atmospheric gas. The microscope is controlled with Slidebook 6.0 software and is excellent for fixed samples and timelapse imaging of live cells.

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Primary Contact:

James Orth

Phone: 303-492-5955 or 303-492-5057

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Light Microscopy Core Facility

Instrument Location:

Porter B047A

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Available to external, academic and national lab users?