Confocal Raman Spectrometer

Make/ Model:

Horiba LabRAM HR Evolution

Instrument Description:

Raman spectroscopy is a fast, simple technique that characterized the molecular structure of diverse materials spanning minerals (thin sections & powders), biological samples, fluids, dissolved gases, and much more. Our system is optimized for fast hyperspectral Raman imaging of sample surfaces (areas up to a few square millimeters) at spatial resolutions down to about 1 micron. We are equipped with 532 nm and 785 nm lasers as well as high and low resolution diffraction gratings. Confocal optics allow for depth profiling, thin layer characterization, and fluid inclusion characterization. Additional laboratory resources include a Zeiss stereomicroscope, sample preparation area, and powerful data processing workstation computer with advanced multivariate statistical analysis and image processing capabilities. 

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Primary Contact:

Eric Ellison

Email id:

Number : 303-718-7493

Instrument Location:

Benson Earth Sciences Rm 125B

Instrument Availability:

  • Open to all university users
  • Open to all external academic and national lab users