Laser Scanning Confocal and TIRF Microscope

Make/ Model:

Nikon A1R

Instrument Description:

A laser scanning confocal microscope with 7 excitation wavelengths (405 - 640nm).  Four excitation wavelenghts are available for TIRF (405, 488, 561, and 640nm).

Instrument URL:

Primary Contact:

Joe Dragavon

Email id:

Phone: ext 5-6988

Instrument Location:


Instrument Department/Institute:

BioFrontiers Institute

Core Facility:

BioFrontiers Advanced Light Microscopy Core

Instrument Availability:

Open to all user from the home department

Open to all university users outside the home department

Open to all academic and national lab users

Open on a case-by-case basis to all external (non-CU) users