Instrument / Service Type:

Supercomputer condo cluster

Instrument Description:

The RC Condo Computing service offers researchers the opportunity to purchase and own compute nodes that will be operated as part of a cluster, named “Blanca.” The aggregate cluster is made available to all condo partners while maintaining priority for the owner of each node. Benefits to partners include  Data center rack space – including redundant power and cooling – and scratch disk space. Partners get significantly prioritized access on nodes that they own, and can run jobs on any nodes that are not currently in use by other partners. RC staff provides system configuration and administration, as well as technical support for users. A standard software stack appropriate for a range of research needs. Partners are able to install additional software applications as needed. Bulk discount pricing is available for all compute node purchases.

Instrument Website URL:

Primary Contact:

RC Help Desk

Instrument Home Department / Institute: 

Research Computing

Instrument Location:

Data Center

Instrument Availability to Campus Users:

Yes, open to all university users

Instrument Availability to External Academic and National Lab Users:

No, not available to academic and national lab users