In-gel digestion, immunoprecipitation proteomics, intact protein mass measurements, shotgun proteomics, phospho-proteomics

Make/ Model:

Thermofisher LTQ orbitrap Velos

Instrument Description:

LTQ orbitrap Velos is the next generation of LTQ orbitrap.  The Velos has all the strengths of LTQ orbitrap. In addition, the Velos has a linear ion trap with a better design which improves scan rates and sensitivity, which provides greater number of peptide identification from very complex samples (e.g. whole cell lysates), compared to LTQ orbitrap.  The Velos is also equipped with electron transfer dissociation (ETD), which is the method of choice for identification of post-translational modification and sequencing of intact proteins.

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Thomas Lee

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Number : 303-735-4019

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