Welcome to the University of Colorado Boulder's Shared Instrumentation Network, your resource for equipment, instrumentation, and services to help you achieve your research goals. This is a resource for the entire CU Boulder campus that enables fundamental and applied research, and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration across our many departments, institutes and centers.

On July 1, 2018, two CU Boulder core facilities launched a new software platform to ease the burden of scheduling shared instruments and invoicing internal and external users. The CU Boulder Electron Microscopy Service in the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (MCDB) and the CU Facility for Electron Microscopy of Materials in RASEI are utilizing Stratocore PPMS, which provides real-time scheduling and pricing, and customizable invoices and reports.

Providing software management tools for CU Boulder’s shared facilities is a long term initiative to help support CU Boulder’s shared facilities. By the end of 2018, PPMS will be implemented to manage three additional shared facilities including the Light Microscopy Core Facility, the BioFrontiers Sequencing Facility, and the Ferguson Lab – a biomechanics and biomimetics laboratory in the College of Engineering & Applied Science.

If you have core facilities or shared instrumentation and are interested in learning more about Stratocore PPMS and how to be involved, please contact Karen Regan, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research (karen.regan@colorado.edu).

This website was created with the help of the Research & Innovation Office. Questions, comments, and suggestions for the Shared Instrumentation Network should be directed to rio@colorado.edu

Useful Statistics

  • Number of Facilities/Services: 22
  • Number of Instruments: 134