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    Instruments By: Department/Institute

    BioFrontiers Institute

    1. Analysis Workstation
    2. Bioanalyzer 2100
    3. Illumina NextSeq
    4. Illumina MiSeq
    5. Nikon A1R Laser Scanning Confocal and TIRF
    6. Nikon N-STORM
    7. Nikon Spinning Disc Confocal
    8. Molecular Devices ImageXpress MicroXL
    9. Olympus IX-81 Widefield
    10. Phoenix Dropsetter
    11. QuantStudio 6 Real-Time PCR
    12. Qubit Fluorimeter 3.0
    13. Rigaku R-axis 
    14. Rockimager 

    Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

    1. Beckman J2 High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge
    2. CEM Discover SP-D 80 Microwave Digester
    3. Micromeritics Gemini VI Surface Area Analyzer
    4. NETZSCH 402C Horizontal Push-rod Dilatometer
    5. NETZSCH Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer
    6. Quantachrome Autosorb-1 

      Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

      1. AB/Sciex 4000 Qtrap
      2. AB/Sciex Voyager DE-STR
      3. Agilent 6120
      4. Applied Biosystems SimpliAmp by Life Technologies
      5. ATR FT-IR
      6. BD Accuri C6 Cytometer with Automated, multisampler/Flow Cytometer
      7. BDFACSCelesta Flow Cytometer Analyzer
      8. BD FACSAria Fusion Cell Sorter
      9. Biomek® FXP Laboratory Automation Workstation
      10. Cary 5000 UV/Vis Spectrometer
      11. Cellomics ArrayScan VTI HCS Reader
      12. CyBi®-Well 96- and 384- Channel Simultaneous Pipettor
      13. Diagenode Bioruptor Standard Sonication System
      14. EnVision Multilabel Plate Reader
      15. Eppendorf Biophotometer
      16. Eppendorf Centrifuge 5804R
      17. Eppendorf Centrifuge 5804R 2
      18. High Vaccum Ion Gauge
      19. Hitachi F-2500 Fluorescence Spectrometer
      20. Nano-Drop Spectrophotometer
      21. NMR Spectrometer-300 Mhz
      22. NMR Spectrometer-400 Mhz-Bruker AV-III 400
      23. NMR Spectrometer-400 Mhz-Varian INOVA 400
      24. NMR Spectrometer-500 MHz
      25. PolarisQ GCMS
      26. Rigaku microfocus x-ray source and Pilatus detector
      27. Tecan Safire 2 Microplate Reader
      28. Thermo LTQ orbitrap
      29. Thermo Nicolet Avatar 360 and 320 FTIR
      30. Thermo Fisher LTQ orbitrap velos
      31. Waters Synapt G2 HDMS

      Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering

      1. 400 g-ton Centrifuge
      2. BioTek EPOCH Plate Reader (Absorbance)
      3. BioTek Synergy Plate Reader (Luminescence)
      4. BioTek Synergy HT Multi-Mode Plate Reader

      Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science (CIRES)

      1. Eppendorf Vacufuge Plus
      2. Retsch Plate Shaker

      CU Green Labs

      1. Shared Stirling Ultracold Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer
      2. Shared Thermo Scientific Ultracold Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

      Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

      1. Eppendorf Vacufuge Plus

      Department of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering

      1. Chemical Hoods
      2. Copper electroplating system
      3. Heidelberg DWL 66FS Laser writer
      4. Karl Suss MJB3 Mask Aligner
      5. Plasma (dry) Etch
      6. Thermal processes
      7. Thin-film deposition

      Department of Geological Sciences

      1. ASI Alphachron He Extraction and Measurement Line
      2. CO2 Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer
      3. Horiba LabRAM HR Evolution Raman Spectrometer
      4. JEOL-8230 Electron Probe Microanalyzer
      5. Light stable isotope continuous flow mass spectrometer
      6. Thermo-Nicolet Nexus 670 and Continuum FTIR Microscope

      Integrative Physiology Department

      1. Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810R

      Institute for Behavioral Genetics

      1. COPAS Nematode Biosorter

      Institute of Cognitive Science

      1. Biopac MP150
      2. Medoc Pathway Pain System
      3. Siemens 3T Magnetom Prisma fit MRI scanner


      1. Agilent/Varian Cary 500 Spectrophotometer
      2. AXIC PlasmaSTAR Reactive Ion Etcher
      3. Bal-Tec AG Critical Point Dryer
      4. Bruker Dimensional Atomic Force Microscope
      5. Bruker Multi-Mode Scanning Probe Microscope
      6. Custom Class 10 Assembly Bench
      7. Daktak XT Stylus Profilometer
      8. Edwards Cryo 304 PVD Coating Chamber
      9. FEI Nova NanoSEM 630 Scanning Electron Microscope
      10. Headway Research EC101DT Spin Coater
      11. J. A. Woollam Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
      12. Jandel HM21 Four-Point Probe
      13. JEOL JSM-6400 Scanning Electron Microscope
      14. JST Manufacturing 48" Polypropylene Wet Processing Station
      15. JST Manufacturing 96" Stainless Steel Wet Processing Station
      16. Karl Suss MJB 3 Mask Aligner and Exposer
      17. Laurell Technologies WS-650Mz - 23NPPB Spin Coater
      18. Leica DMLM Custom Optical Microscope
      19. Lindberg/Blue M HTF55322C Tube Furnace
      20. Micro Automation M1006 Dicing Saw
      21. Terra Universal 2000-18 60" Polypropylene Wet Processing Station
      22. Thermo Scientific/Nicolet FT-IR Spectrometer
      23. West-Bond 7476E and 747630E Wire Bonders
      24. Wyko NT2000 Optical Profilometer
      25. Zygo GPI Fizeau Interferometer

      Department of Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology

      1. Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System
      2. Beckman L8-70M Ultracentrifuge
      3. Beckman Coulter Optima L-90K Ultracentrifuge
      4. Dell Precision 7910 Analysis PC
      5. Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810R
      6. Eppendorf Mastercycler Gradient Thermocycler
      7. FEI/Phillips CM100 (100kV) TEM
      8. FEI Tecnai 12 Spirit TEM
      9. FEI Tecnai F20 (200kV) FEG-TEM
      10. FEI Tecnai F30 (300kV) FEG-TEM
      11. Image Analysis Workstation (Dell Precision 7910)
      12. Image Analysis Workstation (Hewlett Packard Z8 G4)
      13. Nikon E600 Upright Widefield Microscope
      14. Nikon N-SIM structured illumination super-resolution and A1 laser scanning confocal microscope
      15. Nikon Inverted Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope
      16. Nikon TiU Widefield Fluorescent and Brightfield (RGB) Microscope
      17. Olympus FVMPE-RS Twin Laser Multi-Photon
      18. Olympus IX81 Widefield Fluorescent Microscope
      19. Leica DMRXA Upright Widefield Microscope
      20. Zeiss 510 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
      21. Yokogawa & Olympus CellVoyager™ CV1000 Confocal Scanner

      NCF Nanomaterials Characterization Facility

      1. Cressington Carbon Coater

      Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Center (SEEC)

      1. Thermo Scientific Heratherm Drying Oven

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