25 Quick Ways to Reduce Stress

Managing stress involves behaviors that we all know how to do. However, stress is tricky; when you are feeling stressed, you often will not think to do the things that will help you the most. One incredibly effective way to reduce stress immediately is by focusing on your breathing. Learning the Complete Breath is one breathing exercise that will help you manage stress and reduce anxiety.  

  • Your physical health is foundational to your ability to perform your best under stress. The most basic behaviors make a difference in your resilience. 
    • Sleep - strive for a consistent waking time and follow good sleep hygiene practices
    • Eat - consume a variety of foods whose ingredients are recognizable. 
    • Drink water - two glasses more per day than at sea level. Limit caffeine intake. 
    • Exercise - the opportunities for exercise abound. Get up and move for 20 minutes a day whenever you can. Among the resources nearby are:
  • Give Back/Volunteer
    • Choose a cause that matters to you and reach out to find out about getting involved.
    • Get involved with the SBA’s Wellness Initiative. Just add the TWEN course (“SBA Wellness Initiative”) and join one or more of the five working groups: (1) Event Planning; (2) Resource Gathering/Community Outreach; (3) Student Outreach/Communication; (4) Faculty Outreach/Involvement; and (5) Peer Support Program, by emailing law.studentaffairs@colorado.edu to be added to the email list for the working group(s) of your choice.