Here are answers to frequently asked questions about tuition and finances, the application process, and curriculum for the LLM degree at Colorado Law:

Tuition & Finances

What is the tuition?

Currently, Colorado Law offers one of the most affordable LLM programs at a tier 1 US law school.  2018-2019 LLM tuition is tentatively set at $33,531 for the required 24 credits. We encourage students to compare this tuition to other LLM programs.

This information is subject to change without notice. It is intended as a general source of information about tuition and costs and is in no way intended to state contractual terms.

What is the cost of living in the Boulder area?

We estimate the cost of living at $22,728 per year for the current year.

Application Process

Do you have a part time, distance, or online program?

No, our LLM program is full time and must be completed in-residence within one year.  However, CU Boulder's International English Center may be willing to consider applicants for its 8-week summer Legal English course.

Do I need a law degree to apply to the LLM program?

Applicants must have earned a JD from an American Bar Association approved U.S. law school or the equivalent of the JD (a first degree in law) from an accredited law school or university in another country. In most foreign countries, this is a first degree in law (a LLB, for example).  If you are in the last year of your law studies and will receive your first degree in law prior to starting the LLM program, you may also apply.  An overview of qualifying foreign degree can be found LSAC.

If you do not have a qualifying law degree, we offer two degree programs for those who have achieved an undergraduate degree in a non-law field:

When will the application be available?

Our 2018-2019 LLM application is currently available via the Law School Admissions Council. Completed 2018-2019 LLM applications are due by March 15, 2018 for priority consideration.


What is the application process?

LLM applications and instructions can be accessed here.  Applicants will submit to LSAC:

  • a $65 application fee
  • all university transcripts,
  • scores on the TOEFL (or IELTS) test,
  • a resume or curriculum vitae,
  • a list of three academic or professional references, and
  • a personal statement.

We may invite some students to interview via Skype or a similar technology.

What TOEFL score would I need?

This depends on the method of testing. We are looking for a score of at least 100 (for the IBT); 250 (for the CBT); and 600 (for the PBT).  We accept IELTS as a substitute for TOEFL, and our minimum IELTS requirement is an overall score of 7.0  We may invite qualified students with lower scores to come to Boulder in the summer before they wish to enroll to take intensive English language classes at the university.

How many students will you admit each year?

We are currently aiming to admit a class of around 25 students each year. This program is smaller than many other top-ranked schools LLM programs.  Our small class size will enable more interactions with faculty a create more personal, individualized experience for our LLMs.

What are you looking for in admitted students?

We are recruiting lawyers mainly from outside the United States. We want our classes to include a diverse range of students from around the world who can excel in our program. Among the factors we will consider are:

  • excellence in prior legal studies;
  • prior work experience;
  • intellectual curiosity; and
  • passion to contribute to the law in an applicant’s home country.
Who should write my recommendation letters?

We have a strong preference for recommenders who can attest to your academic capabilities, qualifications and career interests. Generally, most applicants submit a mix of recommendations from former professors and legal professionals.

When are admissions decisions made?

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the admission season.  Completed applications can expect an admission decision approximately 2-3 weeks after the completion of the application.

May I transfer credits from another LLM program to Colorado Law?

No.  Colorado Law does not currently accept transfer credits to our LLM program. 

Do you require interviews for admission?

Interviews are not required, but we do prefer to interview our qualified applicants.  Most qualified applicants can expect an invitation to interview so as to have valuable face-to-face time with our law school representatives, to pose any questions and/or concerns our applicants may have, and to eventually help our applicants to make the most informed decision possible when ultimately choosing their LLM program.

Admitted Students

How do I procure my student visa?

All admitted LLM students in need of a student visa will be contacted directly by our International Admissions office on main campus.  International Admissions requires admitted international students to complete a compulsory Financial Information form to issue an I-20, which will be mailed along with a letter of admission and additional instructions for your U.S. student visa procural process

What are the program dates?

A mandatory orientation for admitted LLM students and the required 2-credit Intro to U.S. Law course (which can be waived for students with a background in common law) begins in early-August. The fall semester runs from late-August to mid-December, and the spring semester runs from mid-January to mid-May. All LLMs are expected to complete their one-year degree program in May.

Conditionally admitted students will be required to complete an 8-week Legal English course, offered by CU Boulder's International English Center, which starts in early-June.

If I am admitted, is it possible to defer my admission?

Yes.  If you have been admitted to Colorado Law's LLM program and would like to defer your admission to the following year, you will need to request a deferral by contacting the LLM program directly via email.

What are the medical requirements for incoming students?

Colorado state law requires all students enrolled for one or more classes and born on or after January 1, 1957, to provide proof of immunization for: two rubella (measles); two rubella (German measles); and two mumps vaccinations. If you can't verify your immunizations, you will need to be re-immunized. Hepatitis B and Meningitis vaccines are strongly recommended for new international students, but not required. Medical, religious, and personal exemptions are allowed by law.

The University requires that all incoming new students complete the New Student Immunization Questionnaire. This has information and questions on meningococcal disease, the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccince, and Tuberculosis. You can find out more information about this questionnaire at Wardenburg Health Services: New Student Information

New students must submit immunization information by the deadline set by Wardenburg Health Center (September 15, 2017). This is an important deadline, because you will be assessed a $25 late penalty and a STOP will be placed on your student record (which means you will not be allowed to register for classes) if you neglect to submit immunization records.

Am I required to purchase health insurance?

Detailed information regarding international student insurance requirements and options can be located here.

How do admitted LLM students select and register for courses?

Course selection and registration for the fall semester occurs during orientation. However, admitted LLM students will have the opportunity to submit a preliminary course request form in the spring, prior to matriculation, so as to reserve seats in the fall semester.  Space is limited in many courses, and so not all courses are available. Class schedules may be changed during the first twelve days of the semester, and many students make changes during this period. Registration for the spring semester takes place in October.

When must I pay my tuition & fees bill?

Tuition is assessed and paid by semester, based on the number of credit hours taken. Tuition can only be charged after formal course registration occurs in August.  Information for tuition and fees due dates can be accessed here.


How many credits are required?

24 credits.

Is a thesis required?

No. However, a thesis is an optional part of our LLM; students who elect this option will work intensively with a faculty member to write a research paper that would be of publishable quality.

Would I take classes alongside JD students?

Yes. LLM students would take a required Introduction to U.S. Law separate from JD students. However, we want LLM students in other classes integrated with JD students so that these two groups of students can learn from one another. This mutual learning is one of Colorado’s core goals in this LLM program. Accordingly, we are committed to encouraging the interactions of LLM students with the JD student body in and outside the classroom.