Ethics and compliance is an exciting field that has received increasing attention in recent years. If you've heard of the scandals at Wells Fargo, Volkswagen, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Penn State, or even Enron, then you've already gained some insight into the crucial need for robust ethics and compliance programs in a broad array of fields. Beginning in the mid-90s, and in response to incentives from the federal government to improve corporate accountability, the ethics and compliance field began to grow in prominence, particularly in the areas of:

  • Health Care
  • Higher Education
  • Banking
  • Technology and Privacy
  • Sports and Athletics
  • International Trade
  • Manufacturing
  • Environment

Today, ethics and compliance professionals are key players in ensuring lawful and ethical organizational behavior. The MSL in Ethics and Compliance is designed to prepare prospective ethics and compliance officers in a wide variety of fields, including privacy/cybersecurity, health care, and financial services.

Ethics and Compliance Quick Links:

MSL and LLM students at fall 2019 welcome reception

Colorado Law MSL and LLM students enjoy a welcome reception in fall 2019.