Photo of Samantha Kelley Hertzog

Samantha Hertzog earned her MSL in Ethics & Compliance from Colorado Law in May 2018.  Immediately following her completion of the program, she accepted a position as the Ethics & Compliance Analyst at Flatiron Construction Corp.  Ms. Hertzog now serves as the Compliance Director for the Office of Conflicts of Interest & Commitment (COIC) within the Research & Innovation Office at the University of Colorado Boulder.

What are your primary professional responsibilities?

The COIC Office plays a critical role in CU Boulder’s research enterprise.  The Office is responsible for ensuring that University employees and students engaged in academic activities and particularly in the design, conduct, and reporting of research are in compliance with federal, state, and University regulations and policies pertaining to conflicts of interest and commitment.  As the Compliance Director, I am charged with the administration and operation of the COIC Office.  My key responsibilities include: triaging, reviewing, and resolving routine individual conflicts of interest and commitment disclosures; coordinating higher levels of review for more complex disclosures; developing individual management plans; directing the CU Boulder Conflicts of Interest & Commitment Committee’s review of academic and researcher disclosures; reviewing and revising relevant policies, procedures, and guidelines; providing education, training, outreach, and campus communications; as well as producing and disseminating the annual Conflicts of Interest & Commitment Report, including statistics and analysis, to campus administration, department chairs, and institute directors.

How did your MSL degree prepare you for a career in compliance?

During my time at Colorado Law, I learned how to bring value to an organization in a number of important ways.  Specifically, the MSL program trained me to identify legal and reputational risks facing an organization, to implement policies and procedures across an organization to mitigate those risks, and to appropriately address and rectify any detected gaps in coverage and/or personnel wrongdoing.  Those skills enable me to help to cultivate and sustain an ethical and compliant culture in my organization.