Photo of Kelsey ShibaoKelsey Shibao earned her MSL in ethics and compliance from Colorado Law in 2018.  She works as a Compliance Administrator with The CE Shop, Inc. in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

What are your primary responsibilities in your job?

As a Compliance Administrator, my primary responsibility is to ensure that The CE Shop is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.  That broad responsibility involves a variety of tasks, such as synthesizing new laws and regulations, providing meaningful recommendations to management to ensure effective compliance strategies, conducting audits on the company’s practices, researching and resolving issues with compliance implications, and acting as a liaison between The CE Shop and federal and state regulators.

How has your MSL degree advanced your professional life?

The MSL degree set me up for success for a career in the ethics and compliance industry. I am successful in my current job because the MSL degree prepared me for the variety of challenges that I face every day.  I believe that the most valuable skill that I was able to cultivate during my MSL studies is being able to interpret and analyze laws and regulations and translate them into a meaningful compliance program for my organization.